Heaven Scent Aromatherapy Sauna

Taking a Sauna has many benefits. It improves the immune system providing relief from muscle tension, tones the muscles and relaxes the body.

Sweating increases the metabolism, blood circulation and detoxifies the body. Using a sauna is effective in improving overall mood and mental well being. For everyone.

Adding aromatherapy, the benefits are significantly increased and add a rich and soothing element to the experience.

Essential oils used in aromatherapy play a major role in improving the beneficial effects and make it a rejuvenating and sensory experience.

Essential oils, when mixed with water and steam, get readily absorbed into the skin.

Heaven Scent Aromatherapy Sauna at Ravenstone Manor

The active ingredient in the essential oil can reach different tissues and the lungs via the blood stream and relax the mind and body.

Certain aromatic and essential oils are best suited for different people and therapeutic effect and will significantly enhance the whole experience.

Information is provided for you on a personal level depending on your preferences and the effect and benefit  you are looking to achieve through your sauna experience… although groups using the sauna together will benefit from a more generic and general oil to suit everyone.

Ravenstone Manor Spa Facilities

A tranquil hideaway...

Ravenstone Country Manor is the perfect retreat for any occasion and provides a tranquil hideaway for those who simply want to escape for a while.

Contemporary with character...

Ravenstone Country Manor is a beautiful characterful and contemporary Victorian country manor with luxury spa facilities.

Conveniently situated...

Ravenstone Country Manor is conveniently situated for exploring stunning Cumbrian lakes and fells.

A picturesque location...

Located in the picturesque Eden Valley, on the edge of the world-famous Lake District National Park.